I had my hand near the stove, the hot oil went on to my skin burning my finger, I screamed as I could not take the heat on me, I quickly ran to the tap and left my hand under the cold water running through it.. It was just a Gilmpse of heat… I imagined the heat in hell where the fire will be burning black flame which will cut through my skin, I shall be screaming and howling with the pain but no cold water or cool cream will be able to save my friagile soul which will be punished for my sins in this dunya. 

 . I will be in mercy asking for forgiveness from my creator but nothing will be done, I will be drinking the boiling water for that would be the only clean water to clear my thirst, my insides will be burning as the heat will tear everything in a second I will still be screaming in brain, my lungs , my skin will be tested so harshly every side will be heat such like a oven but with hundered times of black fire.. It’s fuel will be the bodies of human beings, the ones who disobeyed and loved the dunya more then their creator, their desires and wants were to beautify themselves with makeup and jewellery , their arrogant personalities were punished , as the skins teared and the blood oozed and their bodies became new again to taste the pain every second and every minute .. Our screams were the songs of the hell fire, our skins developed again to feel the fire which pierced the skin so hard that everything inch was cooked and smelled like barbecue , every minute the body was punished for all the sins that were created in the dunya, and everything that was bad became a reality in this place this hell hole pit, my beautiful hair which once was shampooed and carefully oiled in luxury products became my snakes which were hissing on top of my head, I was once so proud of my voice as I sang lyrics in the dunya now my voice was no more but a mere screamish volume of the hell fire, my beautiful hands were burning which once were taken care with top rated manicure now foul smell was coming through it .. We forgot the purpose of our life , the purpose of unity and the purpose of self control of our desires.. We can change without being harsh to our bodies remember every sin we do today we have the chance to ask for forgiveness by praying to our beautiful Allah swt …  



Woman in black 

  Marium was a beautiful woman inside but she was always unconfidence with her physical appearance as she often liked her husband and friends to notice her, her hair and makeup was always flawless. 

 . I looked through my car mirror as I reversed towards the bay line but suddenly I heard a loud noise “thud” my mouth opened wide as I realised my car reversed in to something, my hands were shaking as I handbraked and turned the engine off.. My heart was beating so fast while I opened my car door, I ran to the back of the car and to my horror a woman was laying down, my legs were shaking but I bend down to see if she was okay, everything was so blurry as I picked her veil to see if she was breathing, but to my Amazement I saw this beautiful fair with blonde hair, she was so stunning, my hand was on her face until her eyes opened.. 

  Her breathing was all okay , allhumdillah everything was okay as she gave a weak smile indicating that she was all good.. I lifted her up, she was so frigile but something caught my eye as she spoke the perfect english I was so overwhelmed with her sharp natural beauty hidden away with the black Jilbab… 

  The  I was lost with my words, my throat was stuck but my eyes were full with tears as I was so sorry for being careless with my driving but she looked at me with her veil, her eyes were burning towards me but with her soft voice she spoke “asalam alaykum sister , don’t worry I’m all okay allhumdillah for everything, this was just a test from Allah swt” with that statement she walked away as my heart became filled with ease… 

 indeed everything happens for a reason, I stopped to look at myself everything that I was doing was to please my needs and my wants nothing felt right now.. Was beauty and clothes enough for once happiness ??, indeed I questioned my own purpose of life, was this life for our own lusts or was it for something else .. My mind was playing up again as I drove away carefully this time giving A quick look at the mirror……. 



Everything that happens in your life is a test from our Allah swt , the test of patience, fearless, being greatful for the less and for success .. Everything happens for a reason but we need to appreciate everything that comes in our way as it is always exam every single day so do focus on your self and motivate to be better every moment that Allah swt has given… Allhumdillah for everything …. 




  Remember we were small once …we were born in this world with two people to protect us … Allah swt gave us perfect parents .. All those days and nights when mother was awake for 9 months carrying us in her womb.. All those pains we gave her durning labour….our first sight was our mother and then father…..father carrying us when we were babies..providing milk and nappies simple times. 

 ..All those happy simple moments when our father used to come back home with sweets, all those simple times when our mother used to stay awake when we were unwell… Remember those times our father used to take us to special places where we could play, I remember watermead when we were just 6 years olds…we were proud so proud … We looked for father excited when he came home.. We got hugs and kisses soo simple times …We played with our siblings.. Laughter building houses with cushions…running around the house … Simple times.. Remember those times when we used to hold hands to go to school .. We used to get protected from our big brother ..we never got scared we just knew that we be protected by him …all those simple times, simple times.. We were sooo happy…. It was just simple, Unconditional love… Nothing complicated just pure simple unconditional love…..always remember we were young once… All these experiences getting married, having children .. Just please do remember that just because you are older with new relationships … New experiences of being parents…. Do not forget what you left behind … Amend your relationships with your parents and your siblings … Allah swt will ask you how you treated your loved ones … It is just simple … It is funny we make soo much effort keeping our husbands our wives our children happy … We impress their families we make all that effort ….but we forget that our parents our own siblings just need to know that you still care…. How much an effort is it to pick up the phone and say Asalam alaykum .. How are you today… Funny … Is it not .. We left behind everything … Simple times  

 .. Simple unconditional love… If you still have a mother, a father, brother, sister …please do give them a call… Remember you are still in this Duniya you still have a chance to amend your ways …. It is not all about gifts … Money… Just an effort an effort to know you still care… That you still be there… Do not have a grudge… Do not be stubborn …appreciate that you still got time .. When you lose a mother or a father or a sister or a brother you will regret it soo.much … Just remember you still have time.. All those people that have lost a loved one … They know and they cherish all those lovely memories… You still got time ………………allah swt guide us all ….. 


Verbal abuse

  Reminding myself first… If you want to talk about people behind their backs. Or you just can not control your tongue try to talk good things about the individuals all their good deeds compliment them always remember good memories about them . We are too old, we have so much knowledge about Islam, encourage each other to talk about important matters . Always remember if you have someone that talks about their close family , friends curses or says bad things , swears at them…. try to encourage them to speak good only if they can not then stay away as that is the best thing to do … Remember if they are talking to you about their own flesh and blood and close friends without their consent or without them being there, You will also be their next target … You can only change yourself so do good things good deeds and Insha allah others will follow what you act on… Life is too short for verbal abuse ….. 


Marium went out to work while her baby imaan was taken care by her mother. My face was all bland as i walked towards the new place for a job, my stomach had butterflies as i stopped to gaze the sky looking up and smiling as i knew this was my time, and my purpose for my life as slowly it will changed my feelings and my emotions will become controlled. I touched my face as the breeze of the wind touched my skin making me alert to the new world waiting ahead……

I looked around this place , everything was the same routine but something was missing in this equation. We are thrown in this dunya to become trained as better human beings and we are to be better Muslims.. But as I observe around this little grave we are all deluded in this space.. We need to control the dunya not the other way around ., everything is all temporary , beauty, products , age, but death is certain wake up and use your timing for a purpose not waste time… Help people and collect good deeds inshallah xxx 

Tick tock tick tock 

When you are blessed with so much, appreciate the gifts as one day they will be returned to Allah swt … Think and act upon all those beautiful deeds.. Every minute counts tick tock tick tick time is running out….keep counting the good work that is been done, memroise the Quran for it will be your friend till the end… Tick tick tick tock … Time is running out keep giving slaams to everyone every small deed counts… Tick tock tick tock… That breakdown of your soul was to break down all those sins that were committed unknowley, making you stronger then before .. Tick tock tick tock time is running out…..lift up your body of this dunya and get back to work for the Akhira and for the one Allah swt xxxx