Forbidden music 

I looked around , everyone were distracted by this satainic music, their bodies were automatically dancing to the music not aware of the consequence of listening to it.. Their minds were all controlled by the media and the illusion of the television, everything was a lie but they were Indenial of being brainwashed by these new technology.. Rihanna, beyonace were the idols of their desires, their souls were snatched for money, fame in this small world, but these children were not aware of the satanic vibes around the beats of the music..these famous people were possessed with the demons and the Devils,they had a deal to waste their souls for heaven in this world , they are not aware that in the hereAfter they will be burning in hell…so tell me youngsters , is obeying the so called stars better then obeying the one and the only Allah swt, you wake up to the real world the truth is infront of you.. Stop listening to the music for it will be a destruction to your soul, these people are working to distract you from the right path to Allah swt, their deal is to make people follow their steps, every time you sing a song your soul is getting away from you, and your heart is becoming blacker and blacker .. Think about the reality not the illusions and desires of this world….


Everyone are crazy about life everything about it is a beautiful lie, but death is something which people ignore as they know that it is the truth and the final destination ……

Marium mother was overwhelmed as her daughter came through the back garden, everything about her was strange, the way she walked and the tired eyes that gave her mother fright in her bones..Marium hugged her mother tightly and cried, everything that was not said became a reality .. Marium sat down with her bony fingers clinching her hands tightly.. She started to let out her heart , her buried secrets were given away to her mother, all those years of torture had opened up to the world, all those silent life became a history, all those stories about her husbands tactics were all out of her mouth, she had enough of everything in her life, she looked at her mother with her eyes blinking “mother do you love me, am I really a disgraceful woman, am I so ugly?, mum please tell me….”as she hugged her knees bending down afraid of the answer , judgement day was upon her today, everything was negative around her only her mothers vibes was what she needed .. She didn’t care anymore nothing mattered anymore ….


“You are such a ugly and worthless woman I ever laid my eyes on” Marium slammed the door shut and walked out to the park, her eyes were drained, and her body was so lost , she could hear the echo of Adams words over and over again, as she strolled the pushchair around the park , she forced a smile as everyone said hello, she was not going to let a small remark destroy her life, my thoughts began to be positive , my energy was back to normal everything will be okay I kept reminding myself as I knew that all this was because of stress and no work was around, ” everything is okay, I kept repeating in my head, I knew that everyone have problems no marriage is perfect, we have to keep struggling to be better, but for some reason today I did not want to face him yet, I am not a doormat , sometimes I felt like a prison in my own house, my own thoughts and my own body, I felt like a object of desire, I stopped to cry, I am worthless a nothing….everything is my fault…I deserve to die…. My eyes were in tears but then I looked at imaan and instance I knew I was a mother, a mother and a mother, I looked at imaan her beautiful face, my heart began to beat fast as I kissed her forehead , we’ll be okay in Sh Allah , she smiled at me as if she knew what I meant……

The Quran 

  Everyday is always the same, Marium was thinking about the way everything was, all the routine everyday never was any different from the day before , cleaning, cooking, baby tantrums were something that always happened , my hands were moving , my body was craving for something , my heart was looking for the unconditional love, my soul was thirsty for a Devine something, but today I felt different, I got up before the dawn and washed my body, I did wudu today as it was the start of a purpose , my soul began to ease with peace as my intention was pure, my purpose was on the top shelf, I took this big book off, there was dust all around it, I wiped it , and opened the first page , my hands were  

 alive for the first time, my tongue was doing zikar, I read the first surat of the Quran my eyes were moist and tears began, I looked at this miracle of a book, it was no ordinary book, it was the Quran, the words were allahs words, science, all the knowledge was in this beautiful Quran my friend for this dunya and the next, I hugged it tightly on my chest and cried as my soul was relieved as it wasn’t late for me yet to ask for forgiveness from the al mighty ya Allah subhaan Allah waala taala…my purpose was to obey him only, everything else was a distraction from him, my body was alive with energy , my heart was beating faster as it heard the words of Allah subhaan waala taala…everything happens for a reason but the Quran is the answer to everything that we question…. Read, read, read and you shall see a purpose of this life…..  



  Marium was in a place where everyone were laughing and smiling, unaware of the destination of the end, of the last way in and never out again, the destination of destruction, the destroyer of the desires and wants, as everyone were eating and joking about there was this shadow which caught Mariums eyes, she saw it and gave her excuses to move to this darker place, as she looked behind to see the glimpse of her family, the distraction that was upon them, everything was joy for their emptiness , she left that behind , she walked towards the cave , it was so dark but something was pulling her back, telling her “no not yet, come back and be my friend , my blood runs in your vein , I was pulling forward to this darkness, I was happy to be in this destination as I knew this was the end of my desires and my wants, everything behind me was worthless as I walked towards my place, my home, I could hear the laughter behind me but it was fading now as I looked forward to my purpose ,  

 I could hear and see four women gathering around me , reading the shahdah for me, their eyes were pierced on me, their duty was done as they pulled slowly away from me and walked towards the door, I tried to run to them, everything was shaking , the four walls were tearing up, my hands and body was all shaking , I tried to held on to something , but it was too late, the shadows of the women in black jilbabs were all gone , I was left in this place where there was no way out anymore, I was all alone, all alone in this cold dark place, no light was shining , I had nothing in hand, even my clothes were not for my purpose anymore , I was left with nothing, no money,no phone , nothing could save me in this little hole that I was in… I heard the hissing noise coming from the end of the door, I knew I was going to be punished for my sins,  

 I stopped praying a long time ago, my forehead was in sweat as I tried to move around and find another way out, the hissing got louder and louder but there was no way out, my body was aching , I was so restless, my heart was slowly slowly beating, I just knew there was no more time for me, my life flashed before my eyes, everything was a waste as I lived a life for myself, I sat down bending my arms, trying to hide from the hissing snake that was about to attack me with its fank, my everything was nothing anymore , my purpose was gone………. 


2016 new year 

  2016 is here, everyone is celebrating the end of the last year 2015, we are deceived by thinking that next year will be better but we forget it’s not the year that changes us , it’s the willpower to find out the truth, the truth surroundeing around us, everywhere is the truth but we get distracted by the latest technology , television, iPod , phones everything becomes a distraction. If we slowly remove our gadgets we will see the beauty of the dunya and the real purpose will be in our hearts but until we try to make the intention to change we will easy be the prey of this grave the dunya .. It’s not happy new year we are after, it’s the way we act and the way we want to bring the change to this’s 1437 Islamic year that we need to focus on, have a great day without the fireworks which are the corruption for it pollutes the air, alcohol which becomes poison for your body and the mind, try to celebrate with the clean heart and clean soul …. What is celebration ?, as everyday our people around the world are dying of thirst, hunger, and without shelter .. Ask yourselve what is the purpose of this year, just be greatful Allah swt has given you another day to change and help others around the world, now that’s something to celebrate… Have a great day… Friday awesome day to pray and ask for forgiveness….happy Jumah everyone xxx