Difination of the word slave is something which we work for the master, obeying him and listening to all his rules and laws.. Being punished when not observing his surroundings and not being in control by him… If we look around this world , all these media, technology , we are all observing all the information about beauty, attraction of the opposite sex, food, but we are unaware of the hidden messages around these adverts and entertainment .. Are we really making our own choices for the items and desires ?, are all these music , television programs really free from our minds, remember if you observe all these programs everyday , the brainwashing will continue , the more you observe the adverts , you will be willing to spend and spend on the items, so think have we really got our own free will with all these techniques of being brought by the products of our own desire….we are the slaves of our own minds, everything is being sold slowly , we are dreaming about the different men or women , attraction by seeing them on the television , are we really free from being a slave of this social media ?, just wake up and see and observe the world around you , everything is a beautiful lie, models, products are something we look up to , as we are fed with messages that the latest makeup will make us beauty with high prices shooting the sky, everything in this world is not free but only one thing that is free is your soul which is craving for one and only master of the universe and the heavens Allah subhaan waala taala …….

Evil eyes

I had this stunning dress with a beautiful jewels around it, I walked in the room with my husband arm to arm, everyone turned around to see us, some glances of awe and aahs, some simply looked away.. Allhumdillah I thought to myself, ya Allah thank you for everything ….I was aware of my beauty but never showed off my self to others, I looked up to my husband and smiled , we sat near the window , it was so beautiful sight, lights were reflecting on the ocean which became light blue glow.. I sighed of the relief … I saw this beautiful rose on my table.. My Romantic husband pulled all the stops for our tenth anniversary, my eyes were gleaming with excitement as the non alcoholic champagne was pulled making the splash of foam around the table.. We were pampered with music and delicious food everything was perfect …  But suddenly after that beautiful unforgettable night everything became negative , I started to get scared and began to feel unwell most of the days , my body was shivering , and my relationship with my husband began to sour with time, it became unbearable to stay in the same room .. But he knew something was wrong allhumdillah duas were read every night everything became better and soon everything became normal again … But what happened was shocking … Evil eyes around our relationship , envying our life style was something that had happened ..protect by reading duas never forget that this dunya is full of good and evil people no one is save without Allah swt …. Allhumdillah remember do not put your life in social media … ūüėä