The worst day ever!

There was a young girl who’s name    Was nathalie she had a really big family. She had a mum and dad and 5 brothers. There names were jack, mark, Ben,Harry, and Jonathan. Ben was the youngest. Finally she had a younger sister called ruby. 

It was quite noisy in that house but   Nathalie coped with it unless she was doing homework and it was all noisy. 

One day nathalie was so rude to her brothers and ruby so they decided to make a big mess in her room. Her mum saw how messy it was and had a talk with nathalie.” Young girl your grounded for the whole week” mum said angrily.

” but mum I’ve got a party tomorrow and any way I did not make this mess. It must of had  been ruby and the brothers.” Nathalie said angrily.

” well your gonna have to miss your party and tidy your bedroom up now” mum said.

When mum left nathalie’s bedroom nathalie said” THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER!”