Birthday party!! 

Asalam alaykum I really do apologise for not blogging for these few days 🙂, I have been organising and cleaning the house all day!! So we had a Spider-Man party , me and my little children did few things for the theme… wwe had piñata which was made by using a balloon and covering it with paper for four times over.. I brought few presents under 3 quid yes you heard right, allhumdillah I have been budgeting with toys too.. all my children were happy with it😊. I made a lot of effort by cutting and gluing decorations, I even made special lunches for all the kids when we went out to soft play centre… 


Taraka dhaal with white beans rice and Bombay mix chaat 

  1. Asalam alaykum peace be upon you all, . so today was another day to have a delicious supper without breaking the bank.. this is the soul food for all the people out there.. ultimate simple but tasty food !! My mum is a very good cook mashallah and her daal is always the best, so today it’s a daal day 😌, always rinse daal before use, while the water is boiling add a spoon of haldi, chillie and salt and then add the daal to it, let it cook till nice and tender, while that’s cooking pour half of a onion sliced in a pan , after few minutes add the garlic then add one tomotoe sliced in it, let it all fry for few minutes, and then add it to the tender daal. Turn the gas to the lowest and simmer for ten minutes, let all the ingredients blend together…you can garnish with coriander and green chillies at the end.. voila !! Meanwhile boil hot water and add one cup of rice and salt, cook for ten minutes or till its cooked, rinse out the excess water and add the beans to it, let it all steam for another ten to fifteen minutes.. okey next was a new creative chaat dish, with the Bombay mix !!! Chaat dish is always with chickpeas and potatoes, it’s a sweet and sour salad dish which you can make in ten minutes !!, yes just chuck everything in and you get a tasty dish 😀onions sliced, cucumber, tamotoes, boiled and diced patotoes and chickpeas are added and then a special chaat masala, pani puri masala, tomotoe ketchup and Garam masalah are added , just give a nice stir, in a dish pour layer of chaat then the Bombay mix, do this three more  times, then add yogurt, and green chillie on top for garnish. Bismillah and enjoy 🙂

Budget day three veg and bean soup 

Asalam alaykum , may Allah swt keep you all in a great health .. , well today I was off to shop for my sons birthday party, before I went I chucked few things in the slow cooker for it to make magic food 😊. These were the ingredients for a protein soup ..I used baked beans in it too as it contained tomotoe sauce for extra flavour, yes I know I went experimental with it, but don’t worry I used only quarter of the can 😏, these are the pictures of the ingredients onions and garlic were fried before it went in the slow cooker, I used a higher temperature as it only needed few hours to simmer, while I was back I could smell the beautiful curry, right in the end I used green chillies and coriander. This dish goes well with roti or with bread 😊… inshallah have a great day xx..  

Sunday lazy chicken and potato roast 

Well as the evening became quite busy with me being in the kitchen, I took out the chicken legs and some potatoes from the pantry, ingredients: six chicken legs, six small potatoes , 1 table spoon of peri sauce, 1 table spoon of ketchup, tea spoon of soy sauce, 1 tea spoon of paprika powder, 1 tea spoon of chillie flakes, a tea spoon of salt and few drops of lemon I used herbs in the end. I call it lazy roast as I just Marinade it and chucked it in the oven 😆, well I was occupied with other things … when it all came out after a 50 minutes I used up lettuce and cucumber for a side salad.. yummy .. enjoy a simple healthy meal in 50 minutes 😍.. budget dinner around 3 pounds for family of five 😳

Busy Mondays 

Asalam alaykum peace be upon you all !!! , it was such a cold morning today , while I was getting everyone out the door I was allhumdillah smiling , as I was  walking along with my children the coldness touched my skin, I shivered for a second , but was excited to walk to work , yes I volunteer in a local nursery helping by  welcoming the parents and children for health clinic 🙂… I love it!! , just a great feeling of doing something different allhumdillah .. when I was back home with my little boy .. off in the kitchen for a simple yet fulfilling recipie for a cold winter day ..milk curry is a simple and a healthy curry .. containing simple ingredients : half of chopped onion, 1 cup of milk , 1 teaspoon of haldi, I half spoon of salt , a tea spoon of chillie  chopped, at the end coriander on top .. I chopped almonds for a extra fibre..  having roti covered with milk curry is a bliss.. this is a great dish for children who will love it as much as the adults 🙂 if you have all stuff in the pantry well done !! This meal costs  around 1 pound and 50 pence for two adults and three children xx budget Monday done 🤗…

Weekly budget 

  1. Asalam alaykum everyone!,  well it has been a quite long time but I am excited about doing a grocery budget challenge all week ahead !! On Sunday I experimented and shopped at Lidl, first time , with help from an app called supermarket I was able to find the cheapest products at the store. This week I will be using only ingredients that I have brought on Sunday and products already on my shelf such as rice, flour and lentils. This week I  will try to cook some healthy desi and English food with it.. well this was my shopping for this week ..two loaf of bread( sandwiches for school lunches ), 2kg white potatoes, plain flour, salad tomatoes, frozen veg, can of beans , chickpeas, peas, peri sauce , ketchup , fresh green beans , bananas fresh apples,  grapes, and peaches . Carrots, 4 pint milk, two natural yogurts, butter, slices of cheese and block of cheese , can of tuna hidden away is a sparkling fruit crush and fresh juice .. all for under 25 pounds !! Wow.. I added six chicken legs £2.50 for the Sunday meal that was made yesterday. Yesterday I pre cut and pre prepared the ingredients, for it becomes easier to just chuck everything in the pan 😊.. well   While I was chopping away with the ingredients I had a few  old carrots  in the fridge which I  used up by the help of my mini chopping  machine 🙂  I added 6 large carrots, used only three cup of milk , and two cups of water, while it boiled away I poured in the carrots and stirred it for few minutes.. I only put four heaps of suger and quarter of leftover butter from the fridge. Right in the end when all the milk was nearly dried out I poured in the condense milk to give a nice texture to the carrot halwa.. almonds were used from my pantry for a extra taste.. enjoy ..mmm..                             

Asalam alaykum 2017

Well it has been a pleasure for spending a great 2016 which has gone so quickly 😊, I have been away from my blog for too long but inshallah will continue with stories and also will have something new for everyone. I love cooking so will be giving some recipes and advice on everyday grocery budget 😋, I pray everyone are in a good health and inshallah will continue with moth watering food 🙂….