Busy Mondays 

Asalam alaykum peace be upon you all !!! , it was such a cold morning today , while I was getting everyone out the door I was allhumdillah smiling , as I was  walking along with my children the coldness touched my skin, I shivered for a second , but was excited to walk to work , yes I volunteer in a local nursery helping by  welcoming the parents and children for health clinic 🙂… I love it!! , just a great feeling of doing something different allhumdillah .. when I was back home with my little boy .. off in the kitchen for a simple yet fulfilling recipie for a cold winter day ..milk curry is a simple and a healthy curry .. containing simple ingredients : half of chopped onion, 1 cup of milk , 1 teaspoon of haldi, I half spoon of salt , a tea spoon of chillie  chopped, at the end coriander on top .. I chopped almonds for a extra fibre..  having roti covered with milk curry is a bliss.. this is a great dish for children who will love it as much as the adults 🙂 if you have all stuff in the pantry well done !! This meal costs  around 1 pound and 50 pence for two adults and three children xx budget Monday done 🤗…


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