Weekly budget 

  1. Asalam alaykum everyone!,  well it has been a quite long time but I am excited about doing a grocery budget challenge all week ahead !! On Sunday I experimented and shopped at Lidl, first time , with help from an app called supermarket I was able to find the cheapest products at the store. This week I will be using only ingredients that I have brought on Sunday and products already on my shelf such as rice, flour and lentils. This week I  will try to cook some healthy desi and English food with it.. well this was my shopping for this week ..two loaf of bread( sandwiches for school lunches ), 2kg white potatoes, plain flour, salad tomatoes, frozen veg, can of beans , chickpeas, peas, peri sauce , ketchup , fresh green beans , bananas fresh apples,  grapes, and peaches . Carrots, 4 pint milk, two natural yogurts, butter, slices of cheese and block of cheese , can of tuna hidden away is a sparkling fruit crush and fresh juice .. all for under 25 pounds !! Wow.. I added six chicken legs £2.50 for the Sunday meal that was made yesterday. Yesterday I pre cut and pre prepared the ingredients, for it becomes easier to just chuck everything in the pan 😊.. well   While I was chopping away with the ingredients I had a few  old carrots  in the fridge which I  used up by the help of my mini chopping  machine 🙂  I added 6 large carrots, used only three cup of milk , and two cups of water, while it boiled away I poured in the carrots and stirred it for few minutes.. I only put four heaps of suger and quarter of leftover butter from the fridge. Right in the end when all the milk was nearly dried out I poured in the condense milk to give a nice texture to the carrot halwa.. almonds were used from my pantry for a extra taste.. enjoy ..mmm..                             

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