Taraka dhaal with white beans rice and Bombay mix chaat 

  1. Asalam alaykum peace be upon you all, . so today was another day to have a delicious supper without breaking the bank.. this is the soul food for all the people out there.. ultimate simple but tasty food !! My mum is a very good cook mashallah and her daal is always the best, so today it’s a daal day 😌, always rinse daal before use, while the water is boiling add a spoon of haldi, chillie and salt and then add the daal to it, let it cook till nice and tender, while that’s cooking pour half of a onion sliced in a pan , after few minutes add the garlic then add one tomotoe sliced in it, let it all fry for few minutes, and then add it to the tender daal. Turn the gas to the lowest and simmer for ten minutes, let all the ingredients blend together…you can garnish with coriander and green chillies at the end.. voila !! Meanwhile boil hot water and add one cup of rice and salt, cook for ten minutes or till its cooked, rinse out the excess water and add the beans to it, let it all steam for another ten to fifteen minutes.. okey next was a new creative chaat dish, with the Bombay mix !!! Chaat dish is always with chickpeas and potatoes, it’s a sweet and sour salad dish which you can make in ten minutes !!, yes just chuck everything in and you get a tasty dish 😀onions sliced, cucumber, tamotoes, boiled and diced patotoes and chickpeas are added and then a special chaat masala, pani puri masala, tomotoe ketchup and Garam masalah are added , just give a nice stir, in a dish pour layer of chaat then the Bombay mix, do this three more  times, then add yogurt, and green chillie on top for garnish. Bismillah and enjoy 🙂

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