Who am i

I am a quirky , heartwarming, strong minded with a heart.. I am indeed a Muslim mother who has three beautiful children… Welcome to my blog where inspirational life experiences.. Asalam alaykum, I am a simply a musilm woman who like yourselves we are created in this world for a purpose. We have something in common us muslim women. We in life have a responsibility for others around us, either as a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother. We tend to support, protect our loved ones.

I am a proud wife who has a supportive husband, we have got this strong bond through hardships ad struggles, Allah swt has indeed increased our love for each other throughout the years.

I am a proud mother of three beautiful children, two princesses and my young 11 months prince. I am indeed grateful to Allah wt for giving me these gifts of life. These indeed are my wealth, my reason for living in this world.

We all have something in common. This is a journey for all of us beautiful mums. A place of hobbies, expressing of feelings, journey of a mother in a life full of different situations. A place of fun, laughter and sometimes of recipes that we can all try. Indeed do come along with me in this beautiful journey.


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