Weekly budget 

  1. Asalam alaykum everyone!,  well it has been a quite long time but I am excited about doing a grocery budget challenge all week ahead !! On Sunday I experimented and shopped at Lidl, first time , with help from an app called supermarket I was able to find the cheapest products at the store. This week I will be using only ingredients that I have brought on Sunday and products already on my shelf such as rice, flour and lentils. This week I  will try to cook some healthy desi and English food with it.. well this was my shopping for this week ..two loaf of bread( sandwiches for school lunches ), 2kg white potatoes, plain flour, salad tomatoes, frozen veg, can of beans , chickpeas, peas, peri sauce , ketchup , fresh green beans , bananas fresh apples,  grapes, and peaches . Carrots, 4 pint milk, two natural yogurts, butter, slices of cheese and block of cheese , can of tuna hidden away is a sparkling fruit crush and fresh juice .. all for under 25 pounds !! Wow.. I added six chicken legs £2.50 for the Sunday meal that was made yesterday. Yesterday I pre cut and pre prepared the ingredients, for it becomes easier to just chuck everything in the pan 😊.. well   While I was chopping away with the ingredients I had a few  old carrots  in the fridge which I  used up by the help of my mini chopping  machine 🙂  I added 6 large carrots, used only three cup of milk , and two cups of water, while it boiled away I poured in the carrots and stirred it for few minutes.. I only put four heaps of suger and quarter of leftover butter from the fridge. Right in the end when all the milk was nearly dried out I poured in the condense milk to give a nice texture to the carrot halwa.. almonds were used from my pantry for a extra taste.. enjoy ..mmm..                             

Evil eyes

I had this stunning dress with a beautiful jewels around it, I walked in the room with my husband arm to arm, everyone turned around to see us, some glances of awe and aahs, some simply looked away.. Allhumdillah I thought to myself, ya Allah thank you for everything ….I was aware of my beauty but never showed off my self to others, I looked up to my husband and smiled , we sat near the window , it was so beautiful sight, lights were reflecting on the ocean which became light blue glow.. I sighed of the relief … I saw this beautiful rose on my table.. My Romantic husband pulled all the stops for our tenth anniversary, my eyes were gleaming with excitement as the non alcoholic champagne was pulled making the splash of foam around the table.. We were pampered with music and delicious food everything was perfect …  But suddenly after that beautiful unforgettable night everything became negative , I started to get scared and began to feel unwell most of the days , my body was shivering , and my relationship with my husband began to sour with time, it became unbearable to stay in the same room .. But he knew something was wrong allhumdillah duas were read every night everything became better and soon everything became normal again … But what happened was shocking … Evil eyes around our relationship , envying our life style was something that had happened ..protect by reading duas never forget that this dunya is full of good and evil people no one is save without Allah swt …. Allhumdillah remember do not put your life in social media … 😊


  Remember we were small once …we were born in this world with two people to protect us … Allah swt gave us perfect parents .. All those days and nights when mother was awake for 9 months carrying us in her womb.. All those pains we gave her durning labour….our first sight was our mother and then father…..father carrying us when we were babies..providing milk and nappies simple times. 

 ..All those happy simple moments when our father used to come back home with sweets, all those simple times when our mother used to stay awake when we were unwell… Remember those times our father used to take us to special places where we could play, I remember watermead when we were just 6 years olds…we were proud so proud … We looked for father excited when he came home.. We got hugs and kisses soo simple times …We played with our siblings.. Laughter building houses with cushions…running around the house … Simple times.. Remember those times when we used to hold hands to go to school .. We used to get protected from our big brother ..we never got scared we just knew that we be protected by him …all those simple times, simple times.. We were sooo happy…. It was just simple, Unconditional love… Nothing complicated just pure simple unconditional love…..always remember we were young once… All these experiences getting married, having children .. Just please do remember that just because you are older with new relationships … New experiences of being parents…. Do not forget what you left behind … Amend your relationships with your parents and your siblings … Allah swt will ask you how you treated your loved ones … It is just simple … It is funny we make soo much effort keeping our husbands our wives our children happy … We impress their families we make all that effort ….but we forget that our parents our own siblings just need to know that you still care…. How much an effort is it to pick up the phone and say Asalam alaykum .. How are you today… Funny … Is it not .. We left behind everything … Simple times  

 .. Simple unconditional love… If you still have a mother, a father, brother, sister …please do give them a call… Remember you are still in this Duniya you still have a chance to amend your ways …. It is not all about gifts … Money… Just an effort an effort to know you still care… That you still be there… Do not have a grudge… Do not be stubborn …appreciate that you still got time .. When you lose a mother or a father or a sister or a brother you will regret it soo.much … Just remember you still have time.. All those people that have lost a loved one … They know and they cherish all those lovely memories… You still got time ………………allah swt guide us all …..